Using automation to solve complex business problems

A consumer packaged goods company selling directly on Amazon was struggling to gain visibility into the performance of its product portfolio. 

Cervello delivered an end-to-end solution that automates data acquisition and insights to help the company respond to trends, patterns, and product performance in real time.




data files downloaded every day


reduction in cycle time


The global company was frustrated with Amazon Vendor Central diagnostic capabilities and labor-intensive processes when trying to get data about performance. Regional sales reports were generated daily, retrieved weekly, and consolidated monthly, quarterly, or yearly. Data fields had to added sequentially and repeated for each region, and a full-time offshore team was manually processing the company’s sales diagnostic reports. Cervello were engaged to develop a proof of concept with an in-year payback and create a stable, touchless process that could scale globally.



Over a five-day period, Cervello helped build a proof of concept to log into Amazon Vendor Central, switch between regions, define the date and data criteria, and download daily files for aggregation. Secure storage of credentials in a cloud management platform facilitates centralized access control and segregation of duties. Our goal was to deliver incremental value and speed to market, focusing on a low-complexity effort with the biggest possible impact.


With our modular solution, the company can maintain its competitive advantage while efficiently scaling its service offering. An 80 percent reduction in cycle time enables faster and more frequent reporting, supporting downstream decision-making processes. As part of the process, an additional quality assurance check was automated to assess the validity of output files, reducing the error rates and enhancing process reporting and audit traceability. Error rates fell below 1 percent—a decrease of more than 40 percent, which has contributed to more accurate and reliable data.

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