Transforming the customer life cycle by digitalizing the end-to-end experience

A large financial services company wanted its customer engagement to create a consistent digital experience where customers and potential customers are nurtured across every stage of their journey.

We developed integrated marketing tools and customer portals on the Salesforce platform to support the growth of new sales channels, products, and target customers. 


higher conversion rates 


more assets under management


new campaign launch time by 5 days 


The company was shifting to a multi-product sales model with self-service capabilities. Sales goals were growing, but the legacy platforms were limited and disconnected from the CRM. Prospects were managed in separate systems, making it difficult for them to find the right information and for marketers to know how to reach their audience. In addition, the legacy sales portal needed to be retired because of security and compliance mandates, and marketing needed new approaches to meet its omnichannel marketing vision.



Cervello facilitated a workshop to create a multiyear road map. The program had a “start small, think big” approach to show near-term value while building for the future. We started with proof of value on the Salesforce platform to gain organizational buy-in to the marketing team’s vision. The initial high-value release included a prospect portal and micro-sites to generate new leads and transition high-value prospects to the sales team. After the initial release, the team to provided new marketing and sales capabilities in an iterative and agile delivery model.


Over the first six months of the launch, the website conversion rate grew by 10X. Lead quality significantly improved, resulting in an increase of 2X in assets growth. Salesforce communities allowed the company to create a content-driven strategy for the prospect and capture key attribution data to drive future campaigns and customer journeys. Consolidation and modernization of technologies enabled the company to have a single life-cycle customer platform across marketing, sales, and service functions.

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