Developing digital capabilities to accelerate business growth

We helped a rapidly growing hospitality company implement a range of technology solutions to trigger explosive growth while offsetting the need for rapid hiring and additional capital:

5 million

property nights shared with distribution partners on a daily basis


reduction in manual effort for customer service teams


growth in customer onboarding


To improve visibility in the global marketplace, this growth business needed to integrate with several big-name partner sites in the vacation rental space. To onboard customers at scale, the company needed to efficiently collect the right information about its properties, identify exceptions that needed to be handled manually, and speed up the time needed to onboard new customers. In addition, the commission process was manually intensive and lacked features, and the third-party application being used to manage the process was not going to scale with the business.



Cervello used an agile approach to design and build integrated solutions across major distribution partners, working hand in hand with the product owners and account managers to align with the requirements while also enabling real-time updates. Working jointly with the hospitality company, Cervello developed an interface to allow incoming property owners to rapidly select amenities in order to maximize data collection, create a visual of the rooms on their property, and integrate with a secure payment portal to collect fees and distribute revenue. We also helped the company replace the third-party app, including customer build components and integration. Then the focus shifted to edge-case scenarios, freeing up the customer care team to focus on other ways to support customers.


The company is now managing tens of thousands of properties, syncing with major partner sites to share crucial data such as rates and availability, photos, descriptions, rules, cancelation policies, and PCI-compliant processing of bookings. Ninety-five percent of customers are now able to onboard with no intervention from customer service. More than 8,000 customers were onboarded in 2019, attrition dropped from more than 50 percent to less than 30 percent, and more than 90,000 rooms have been created—all while minimizing maintenance costs. The customer care department is spending 83 percent less time tracking and calculating commissions, and data quality has significantly improved with clean records and a traceable audit trail.

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