Creating value with connected finance and supply chain planning

Cervello worked with an energy supermajor to help create a connected planning program to connect finance and supply chain. Our solution included innovative planning models and a data strategy to support the new processes, and we helped the company establish a center of excellence to oversee the new environment. 

>2,000 hours and $6 million

saved annually as a result of reduced planning efforts 


improvement in processing time


working teams’ productivity by bringing connected, but separate processes together in one planning model


The company’s planning tools were rigid, difficult to update, expensive to maintain, and not integrated with one another. In addition, the labor-intensive planning process required a great deal of effort to gather data. Information was available too late to optimize resources, and there was no comprehensive view of the production forecast or the impact of planned activities. As a result, the company was not able to quickly respond to market conditions.



Cervello led workshops to help define the future state of connected planning, chart a road map to achieving the future state, and launch quick-win MVPs. We collaborated with subject-matter experts to redesign processes and then developed connected planning models and a data strategy to enable the new processes. The effort focused on training and empowering the company’s workforce. We also helped establish a center of excellence to govern the connected planning environment.


An investment analysis model now assists with investment decisions, replacing an Excel template and the manual consolidation process. The production planning and activities plan was integrated into one model, providing one source of the truth and the ability to do scenario modeling. Legacy technology tools were retired, process time was reduced by 80 percent, and the planning team’s productivity improved.

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