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Consumer goods manufacturers face extraordinary challenges such as social and environmental sustainability, shifting consumer shopping, buying habits, and digitally native insurgent brands. All of these challenges have one thing in common, the need for data. Cervello helped a FTSE 100 Global Consumer Health transform their end-to-end data and advanced analytics capabilities leading to:


Strategic data programs delivered


Countries covered


In revenue uplift/cost savings


Our Client was challenged with addressing siloed, duplicated and inconsistent data sets across business functions, business units, and markets limiting the enterprise from realizing data-driven strategic and operational performance enhancements
Volume, variety and velocity of data across structured, unstructured, internal, external, streaming, IoT, web and mobile was far exceeding capabilities of legacy tools and architecture hindering innovation
Significant resource-heavy manual intervention was required to cleanse and prepare data across the organization’s complete portfolio leading to delayed reporting cycles which only provided outdated insights
Inconsistent metric and attribute definitions, ad-hoc data governance, and known data quality issues reduced business confidence and usage of analytics across the enterprise


Over the years, Cervello has been engaged as a strategic partner, providing architecture strategy and development execution across end-to-end data and advanced analytics capabilities, leveraging both AWS and the Microsoft Azure cloud platforms

Designed a flexible, robust and scalable architecture – actively processing over 500 individual source systems with hundreds of thousands of data sets. Proving a global footprint to address the needs of over 80 countries, varied and expansive source systems, external data providers, data formats, and languages

Drive core design and development activities across dozens of parallel projects, business functions, markets and technologies, partnering with our client on strategic data-driven transformations. Engaged across the organization, deploying between 3 to 8 analytic PODs to enable business objectives through data driven solutions
Addressing strategic cloud provider changes, such as a move from AWS to Azure ensuring interoperability and modularity throughout the architecture. Current key architecture components include: DataBricks, Power BI, Azure Data Warehouse, Azure Data Factory, Talend, Einstein Analytics, and R


Identification of top and bottom line opportunity
More accurate planning results
Increased synergy between demand and supply sides (leading to increased profitability)

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