Our Heroku Experience

heroku-Logo-1Cervello has the expertise to develop and deliver innovative, cloud-based business applications using the Heroku platform-as-a-service. Delivering speed, scale and rapid prototyping capabilities, our seasoned team of developers and consultants recognize the value of this robust development platform. We regularly leverage Heroku in many of the solutions we build for our clients, enabling us to bring speed, efficiency and cost savings to our engagements.

Read about some of the challenges we’ve solved and solutions we’ve recently built using this technology in the blogs below:


Cervello Developed Apps Using Heroku:

S&P Capital IQ for Salesforce
S&P Capital IQ is a powerful sales intelligence tool that helps you quickly and easily identify opportunities and facilitate executive outreach.

App Heroku Benefits:

  • Heroku’s Elements Marketplace allows for the application to be modular. Vital add-ons can be provisioned in seconds.
  • Heroku components can be scaled up and out to ensure reliable and consistent performance.
  • It only takes a few clicks and key strokes to deploy and update your application.
  • PostgreSQL is recognized by the industry and users as one of the best database management systems and adds a powerful storage element to the application.

Heroku Child Page_SP diagram

Watch the S&P Capital IQ App in action:


Google Analytics 2 Salesforce Wave
Google Analytics 2 Salesforce Wave is an app that takes your website performance from Google Analytics and pushes it into Salesforce Wave Analytics Cloud hosted through Heroku. Once data has been stored securely on Salesforce Wave, you can create jobs and sync platforms.

App Heroku Benefits:

  • Heroku provides an application platform and supports multiple development languages and frameworks.
  • Heroku application configuration is persisted via Postgres.
  • Heroku makes way for marketplace elements and plug-ins; allowing users to integrate all their business requirements.
  • It allows you to pull the data securely and accurately from Google Analytics and create a highly efficient data management system.

Heroku Child Page_GA2SW diagram

Watch the GA2Q app in action:

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