Wave Analytics Cloud

Let Cervello help you take advantage of the Salesforce advances we’ve all been waiting for. Salesforce’s
new Wave Analytics Cloud puts a complete BI solution inside your existing Salesforce solution. The result is
flexible, robust, highly-visual reporting that’s capable of meeting real-world analytics at the speed of

Because Wave Analytics Cloud is native Salesforce, existing users who are looking to break into an analytics-
powered business model for the first time are perfectly positioned to do so. For Salesforce users who
are already familiar with the world of BI, but who are looking to step-up or enhance their use of data-
driven decision-making, Wave Analytics Cloud combines the BI insights you expect with the Salesforce data
you already have and know.

With our extensive BI experience and as one of the initial Salesforce Wave Analytics Cloud partners, Cervello’s
team of experienced Salesforce developers and BI analysts has all the knowledge and know-how to
transform your existing Salesforce instance into a complete BI solution customized to meet your
business needs.