Solution Implementation

Leveraging your data for greater business value

Technology advancements have certainly made it easy to collect and store data, but organizations are struggling with how to keep pace with it and leverage it for business value.  With all of this data, created and stored in a multitude of systems, the challenge becomes bringing it all together. How do you unite it, in a central location, where it can be cleaned, formatted, validated, reorganized, summarized, and supplemented with data from other sources and then leveraged by other tools for reporting, analysis and decision making? If we thought it was challenging before, what will we do now with big data?

Cervello is your answer. We’re experts in advising, architecting and implementing data management solutions. Whether you’re fighting with dirty data, mired in masses of unorganized data, looking to uncover opportunities to leverage big data, embarking on your first master data management initiative or simply wanting to move data, we can help you unlock the true value of your enterprise data.

Our implementation services include:

  • Enterprise Data Management (Data Warehousing, Operational Data Stores, Data Marts)
  • Big Data and Data Science (Data Hubs/Lakes)
  • Data Integration (Profiling, Quality Management, Data Movement)
  • Master and Reference Data Management


Key Takeaways