As Chief Revenue Officer you know all too well that not only is your organization’s performance on the line, so is your own professional credibility.

Your client’s and prospects are connected like never before and they’re using mobile, social and digital information to make decisions about your products and services. But in theory, your sales teams are equally armed with information about them –right? Or is that still just a theory?

Critical information is likely already inside your organization. Client spend data to help identify buying trends and gaps in the market; financial information to understand your most profitable solutions or red flag clients in arrears; customer service data to know which customers are having issues so that you can proactively improve renewal rates; website and social data to understand lead behavior and rapidly engage only the most promising leads; market information to know which markets are heating up and which are in decline; not to mention your own team performance data using leading indicators to ensure that you’re making fact based decisions to optimize your selling efforts.

So if that information is already inside your organization –why isn’t it integrated and readily available to you and your teams? We believe progressive Sales Leaders are catalysts for change and are driving their organizations to make these investments. Because without accurate, integrated data by which you can confidently make fact based, real-time decisions –you’re just another person with an opinion.

We get it. While the pressure continues to mount for more revenue, internal change is hard to enable. And frankly when would you find the time!? At Cervello, we partner with leading sales professionals to engage with their executive teams and IT colleagues. We help you make a business case to prove the value of integrated data and analytics to a modern sales force. And best of all, our professional services team can deliver the solutions to make this a reality –fast.