Informatica’s Salesforce Integration for Dummies eBook

salesforce-integration-for-dummies-1-638Remember when Salesforce was easy? Before your company went multi-national. Before those acquisitions. Before your sales team quadrupled. Before everything got so complex.

We can help you solve today’s challenges.

Download the free eBook –– “Salesforce Integration For Dummies” –– and get a detailed, step-by-step plan for integrating Salesforce with the key systems in your organization. It’ll help you understand how your CRM data got so complex in the first place and its effect on Salesforce adoption. And it outlines a roadmap for successful Salesforce integration, with topics like:

  • Preparation: Assemble the right integration project teams, identify key systems, and assess the data and its use cases.
  • Prioritization: Consider your options – integrating with cloud or on-premise apps? Multi-tenant or hosted? Try-and-buy or rapid deployment?
  • Learning from peers: Some import data in bulk, others integrate with back-office systems, but they all have experience from which you can benefit.

Plus, you’ll learn 10 do’s and don’ts when evaluating a Salesforce integration solution.

Download to get a detailed strategy that puts you in command of your Salesforce integration strategy.

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