On-Demand Webinar: Conquering Complex Salesforce Customer Hierarchies

Do you relish the days when your Salesforce Org wasn’t so complex? Before your company went global? Before your sales team got so large? Before “account hierarchy” existed in your vernacular? How about when obtaining a true 360 degree of your customer was much simpler?

Watch this Webinar, where we discuss how you can get a global view of a Customer by having visibility of child related activities such as opportunities. We illustrate how to create a global view of a complex account hierarchy using Apex, something difficult to achieve with out of the box hierarchies where the account structure is setup with a parent account and many subsidiaries.

This Webinar is for:

  • Sales professionals searching for an easy solution to obtaining a complete view of customers for upsell and cross sell opportunity identification and execution
  • Salesforce Admins, Developers, Sales Operations and Technical professionals tasked with implementing this type of solution for their company


Carter Sartell, Senior Consultant, Cervello
Jason Reed, Senior Consultant, Cervello