On-Demand Webinar: Building Cloud-Based Analytic Services Utilizing a Modern Data Architecture

When Kalibri Labs initially engaged Cervello, they had big ideas, but lacked product development and technical resources. Kalibri envisioned creating analytic services to evaluate net revenue performance and manage the rising cost of customer acquisition to help keep the hospitality industry healthy and competitive. Several iterations later, Kalibri Lab’s cloud analytic services utilize multiple best-of-breed technologies and a cohesive modern data architecture.

In this webinar, Bob Bennett, COO of Kalibri Labs and Brandon Davis, Director of Analytics & Information Management practice at Cervello discuss:

  • How the program started as a concept and grew over several iterations into a stable platform that could scale to large data volumes
  • How a combination of cloud technologies, including Amazon Web Services and Birst enabled an agile development approach to prove concepts and lay the foundation to ultimately build a robust custom in-house solution
  • The essential elements and best practices to building analytic services
  • The value of working with a firm such as Cervello


Bob Bennett, COO, Kalibri Labs
Brandon Davis, Director of Analytics & Information Management Practice, Cervello