“No [company] ever yet became great by imitation”

Yes, I got this quote from a fortune cookie and I did change “man” to “company”. Regardless, I think it is a helpful way to think about what we are trying to build at Cervello – a company that is relentlessly focused on creating a better way for its clients to analyze and plan business results.

So why do we seek to be different and chart a better course? The simple answer is that we want to become a key asset to our clients. We believe that if we make our clients successful that we will be successful. This belief requires us to constantly challenge the traditional way technology and services firms deliver value and to question all of the assumptions underlying those traditional ways. Through this questioning we will do a more effective job of really listening to what our clients’ needs are in order to work with them in a way that makes them more successful.

Let me get specific. We believe that the traditional technology acquisition and application delivery model for analytics and planning projects is broken. We are focusing on a 2.0 version with the following key principles:

1) agile development – This is a fairly hot topic as it relates to business solution development. We are taking the concepts from agile software development and applying these to the unique needs of analytics and planning solutions. If done effectively, value is delivered quicker and continuously and solutions will adapt to the changing needs of the business.

2) cloud technology – Whether it is a true multi-tenant platform or a hosted application, we are focused on leveraging on demand analytics and planning technology to remove many of the costs and hassles of on premise software. By leveraging the cloud, we make it easier for our clients to focus on the business solution.

3) focused solutions – As we grow our business, we will continue to build out new solution areas. Online marketing is a good example of our first area of focus and we are providing both an analytics app and an on demand analytics offering to support the varied needs of our clients and prospects. We think the combination of services and apps in a focused solution area will allow us to create really valuable solutions for our clients.

We believe there is a better way and we will remain relentlessly focused on evolving this better way for our clients to analyze and plan business results.


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One comment on “Why we seek to be different

  1. It is this commitment and focus on Client Success that has accelerated our business. It’s nice to see that these words are as true to today (and will be tomorrow!) as they were then. And it’s exciting to witness the market acceptance for our approach to what we believe!