dreamforceAs I watched the wrap up of another World Series championship, I started to see some similarities between it and with attending Dreamforce. Simply put, it can be exhausting; late nights and emotional ups and downs. Yet, when it is all over, a high level of satisfaction is felt for what you just experienced.

As I prepare my agenda for Dreamforce ’13, there are a couple of sessions that I am excited to attend. The first session is “Goodbye Spreadsheets, Hello Automation. Cool Apps Built on the Platform”.  The topic caught my eye because as we have seen here at Cervello, Salesforce is much more than a CRM.  It is a platform. And our clients, who have developed “shadow” applications in Excel spreadsheets, can take advantage of the Force.com platform to easily move these applications to the cloud. Additionally, depending on the complexity of the application it doesn’t always require a significant development investment to be successful. Cervello specializes in value-added application development and we have built several custom applications for our clients by leveraging the power of the platform. Read about the Custom Event Planning Application we built for a multi-national mutual fund and financial services company for more insight. I am excited to see how other leading companies like Motorola are taking advantage of the platform.

The second session that I am looking forward to attending is “Fifteen Things to Consider Before Your Next Data Migration”.  Data is the lifeblood of every organization and it is a key component of the Cervello DNA which is why we espouse the concept of “Win with Data”.  We have helped numerous clients define and implement their Salesforce Org strategy   and migrate their data from other legacy CRM platforms to Salesforce.  I am looking forward to comparing notes with others to see their lessons learned and hear best practices for CRM data migration.

So if you happen to be attending either of these sessions at Dreamforce ’13, look for me.  I will be the one wearing a Red Sox hat and my Cervello shirt, and likely looking like a zombie who is living off zero sleep.

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2 comments on “What Does Watching the World Series and Attending Dreamforce Have in Common?

  1. Hi Pete! I’ll be speaking at the “Goodbye Spreadsheets” session on behalf of Operative Media and our Quick Start Guide built on the Salesforce platform. Glad you’re excited for the session. Hopefully we can catch up after our session.