As primarily a services business, we constantly strive to deliver value to our clients and to make Cervello a great place to work. To ensure this, we built the foundation of our company on values we found meaningful from the beginning:


FOCUSED on delivering tangible results to our clients and partners

Open and HONEST in all our communications

DRIVEN and operates with a sense of urgency


INNOVATIVE in our approach and thinks creatively about how to deliver value

CONNECTED and expert at developing and nurturing long-term relationships

We work hard to integrate these values into our work every day and have received positive feedback from clients and employees alike. Here are some quotes from employees from last Friday’s team meeting on how the values are reflected in their work:

Aman said our commitment to innovation impacts his work with a large financial services client. “(We improved performance); some queries were 62 pages long and reports that once took 3 hours now take less than 10 seconds in production.” He continued, “We’ve been innovative by building reports and reducing redundancy. We built templates so developers can use them and move on instead of spending time building the skeleton. It has cut down hours and enables the team to move faster.”

Jen shared that Cervello differs from other consulting firms with our commitment to building relationships, “We are extraordinarily connected INSIDE the company, as well as out.” She went on, “At the three other consulting firms I’ve worked for in the past, a request from a non-project colleague might take two weeks to get a response – if any one even comes. Here, with face to face or voice to voice sessions every other Friday, plus Chatter, responses often come within 15 mins of requests. When you have small teams for each client that are very efficient and powerful, you can tap in to the cumulative knowledge of Cervello.”

Tripti shared how our openness with clients cements deeper, lasting relationships. “(The client is) a startup and the project is very demanding. It’s been almost a year, and Glyn and Brandon communicate openly and honestly and stop (the client) to explain why we are doing things in a certain way so they understand us and we understand them. Understanding each other took a little time but the relationship benefitted.”

Jassi explained how our pro-active communication benefits her major financial services client, “We are honest and driven in our explanations about the product limitations of Oracle 10g and how upgrading to Oracle 11g would get them the requirements they want out of the box. We were also innovative with workarounds to get them some of the requirements the needed using Oracle 10g until they upgraded.”

Ann positively compared Cervello’s value-driven model to her past work experience, “(At my old company), we implemented and then threw them over the fence to service but now we create relationships.”

Mike shared that Cervello’s value-centered model shapes our review process. “I ask my mentor, ‘what can I do better’ instead of ‘what do I do well?’”


Constant improvement at Cervello is paramount, as it led to our growth and client successes over the past three years. As our industry evolves, we plan to remain committed to our core values to help guide us in decisions we make as individuals and as a firm. In this way, we can ensure we are building a company of which we can all be proud.

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