Must-Have for Financial PlanningThere are a number of considerations to account for when choosing a technology solution for your organization. Based on our experience, here are the top five we see as critical.

SaaS vs. On-Premise Considerations

Breadth: Do the traditional applications have more than you need? How basic are your processes and needs? What features and functionality are must-haves?

Resources: Do you have enough resources within Finance and IT to drive and support a CPM and BI initiative? If you do have the right amount and type of resources, it can be a breeze; otherwise, it can be disastrous!

Track Record: How successful have you been deploying software solutions in the past? Have you implemented an ERP system already? How did it go? Do you have the expertise and bandwidth to deploy another significant solution?

Cash Flow: Can you handle a big capital outlay right now or would you prefer a consistent, ongoing expense?

Time-to-Value: Do you need a solution in place to complete your 2011 budget?

If you answered yes to a majority of these questions, then you should consider SaaS solutions. If the majority of your answers were no, then Enterprise/On-Premise solutions should be a strong consideration. Most importantly, before you invest in anything, know your needs and how these differing solutions can help make you a success.

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