We had our summer outing on Friday of last week. I spent the night before hoping that we would catch a break since we were in the middle of a slow moving weather system that had dumped a cool rain on us the previous few days. If the weather did not cooperate we would have to move to plan B for the outing. Fortunately we got the break I hoped for and were treated to overcast skies, no rain, and good wind for our Round the Island sailing regatta organized by the Boston Sailing Center. We split the company into a small fleet of J24s. Since our sailing resumes were thin, each boat had a more than competent and helpful captain provided by the BSC. We had a short briefing at the center then headed to our boats where our captains filled in more details as we headed out to the starting line. For more commentary and pictures of the sailing please friend us on Cervello’s Facebook Page.

After the sailing we headed over to Joe’s on the Waterfront and quickly took over the second floor as spouses and significant others joined us. We seamlessly transitioned from the post race cocktails to the pre-dinner cocktails and appetizers. Like many events with our crew, we had fun giving each other a hard time about the happenings during the regatta. After dinner, the real fun began as John, Patrick, Tripti, Garvin, and Mike (“T-Bone”) roasted the founders with “The Real Story” of Cervello’s founding. They were the hit of the show. The usual speeches were followed by a team “Minute to Win It” competition followed by more cocktails. Overall it was a great outing.

Some quick thoughts. Even though we are a young company, we have a great culture. I was really impressed by the group that without prompting wrote and delivered the roast. They had the crowd howling with laughter and took the initiative to make it happen. In addition, we have great people. We have a number of people that live outside the Boston area so it is rare to see everyone in one place. The outing gave me an opportunity to observe all that we have built so far and I felt really good about the team we have assembled and the people supporting them.

Great culture and great people – I think that is a winning combination for our small company. I want to thank the team and the people that support us. Pull in the mainsheet, head up, and let’s keep sailing hard.


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