dreamforceAt Cervello, we are constantly pushing the limits of our partner’s software platforms which enable us to create user-friendly, fully integrated, and mobile accessible solutions. We often find that configuration just doesn’t cut it. So we have learned to “hack” (in a good way), Salesforce, along with other products to do what our clients require. This is why we are very excited about Salesforce.com’s push into mobile and their focus on expanding programmatic / API based capabilities of Force.com, Heroku, and Work.com. A number of sessions at Dreamforce 2013 focus on development capabilities around the Salesforce platform, but two in particular, caught my eye.

The first session of interest is called “Emerging Technology: Tapping into Work.com to Build Better ISV Apps. Cervello began using Rypple before it was acquired by Salesforce.com and became Work.com. We use this product on a daily basis to power our people performance management process. We see great potential in Work.com’s platform capabilities and are excited about the upcoming enhancements. Integration of Work.com features with other corporate applications will enable employees to receive timely feedback and be recognized for their contributions. We look forward to helping clients to take advantage of Work.com.

The other session that I am looking forward to  is “The Magic of Force.com + Heroku.” It’s completely full already as I am writing this post. With Force.com and Heroku we are helping our clients to make the Salesforce platform theirs. Advanced solutions can be built at a fraction of the time and cost it previously took,  even as recent as a few years ago. It’s truly “magic”. To date, we have helped customers create applications that customize Salesforce behavior, manage events, automate processes, and securely deliver advanced analytics on tablets. And we are just getting started…

See you at Dreamforce 2013!

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