Loading 20,000 objects from Highrise to Salesforce in an hour for a complex data set isn’t so bad, right?  But it’s a long time to wait without any status updates on your screen.

Thankfully, Cervello thought of this, and included in our latest Force.com application, the Highrise Converter, a status screen which gives you detailed information about the status of every type of object being imported.

highrise converter

As your import runs, you can see the list of objects  increase as first users and then companies, mappings, deals, notes, comments, emails and tags all import.  While this processing occurs, you can see the “mapping” activity status as well, as all of your Highrise object relationships are built in Salesforce.com.  It’s very exciting!

We have also included a tab called Highrise Errors.  For any object that did not import (despite repeated API calls), we store and display the Highrise URL for that object so you  can explore these and determine if they should be added to Salesforce manually.

Download and enjoy the view as your Highrise objects are effortlessly imported into Salesforce.com with our Highrise Converter application, available on the AppExchange.

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