HiResIn our previous installments of this blog series, Part I & Part II, we discussed Cervello’s unique solution approach to Salesforce data archiving leveraging Heroku Connect, Heroku Postgres and Lightning Connect.


We shared both a basic example of archiving a single object such as an Account and a more complex example with multiple objects with relationships, such as an Account and Contact.

But how do we handle the native attachment object in Salesforce? It is very common that a record in Salesforce will have associated attachments that are added on an Account or Contact. One of the first questions we get is can our archiving solution handle attachments and different file types? The short answer is yes.

In general, the approach is similar to how we archive and unarchive any record. With attachments, the only additional piece is that to expose them while in an archived state, we need to create a web service to Heroku to allow the related attachment to be downloaded.

To see this use case in action watch the video.

That, for now, is our final “official” installment of this blog series, but there is more to come on the topic. Stay tuned!

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Pete Graham
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