HiResIn our first installment of this blog series we discussed a common challenge among our clients, which is the need to archive data in Salesforce. To help address this need, Cervello has developed a solution with a flexible architecture that utilizes Heroku Connect, Heroku Postgres and Lightning Connect.


The initial example we shared was the archiving of a single object, in this case, an Account record. This is the most basic use case.

But what happens if we need to archive multiple objects, say an Account with several relationships such as another parent account as well as a child account with multiple contacts associated? Our data archiving solution can easily handle this scenario, and in our next video we demonstrate this more complex use case with related records. We illustrate how you can archive and unarchive an Account and all its Contacts while maintaining the relationships.

To see this use case in action watch the video.

Stay tuned for our next blog in this series where we will explore the archiving of Salesforce Attachments.

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Pete Graham
Jason Reed

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