dreamforceAt Cervello, our mission is to help our clients harness the power of Salesforce. We work collectively to co-create solutions that address their specific business needs.

Over the past few years, we continued to see Salesforce grow and mature and become the leading CRM provider in the enterprise market. With the maturation of solutions however come the inevitable challenges that enterprises face in managing them. Our clients tend to be large globally distributed organizations and/or acquisitive companies.

Not having a global Salesforce Org strategy often results in inefficiencies, unclear reporting and onerous maintenance, among other problems. As such, dealing with multiple instances of Salesforce (in some cases over a hundred) and/or creating a rational plan to decide whether to move from a single to a multi org structure is a critical ingredient to business success.

This year at Dreamforce 2013 we are particularly excited to see that there are many presentations and courses being offered to help clients better understand alternative solutions for dealing with these org strategies.

If you and your company are tasked with determining the right strategy for managing your Salesforce.com orgs, I’d recommend attending:

Amplify the Power of Your Salesforce Orgs: How to Setup Cross-Org Data Sharing

  • Here you will learn about cross-org sharing and how to set up hubs and spokes across your orgs.

Multi-Org Strategy: Moving From Many to Few

  • Join in on this session to hear success stories from some of Salesforce.com’s largest customers, including Cervello client, EDM Millipore, as they highlight the business drivers and decision criteria they used to determine the right org strategy for their enterprises.

These should be great practical sessions to really help accelerate your thinking. See you there!

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