At Dreamforce ’13, announced the release of the new SalesforceA Mobile Admin App, which allows Salesforce admins the ability to manage and maintain their systems on the go. Here is a quick overview of how it works, and what we think.

My first impression of this app is that it is simple and straightforward. However, if you are managing multiple orgs, there isn’t an easy way to swap between them (you have to log out, and log in with a different username).



Upon login you immediately have access to your Frozen Users & Locked Out Users. Freezing Users Accounts is a new feature introduced in the Winter14 release that allows admins to freeze a user’s account until it can be deactivated.

frozen users

Clicking into the Recently Viewed Users gives you access to all recently viewed users, and the ability to search for all users in the org.

usersClicking into the user allows you to edit the user’s account. This feature is somewhat limited, as you don’t have access to edit the license type, call center, delegated approvers, or have the ability to add a new user.

edit the user’s accountOn the bottom of the main screen you can launch the rocket which brings you to a Salesforce portal where you can access the IdeaExchange, User Groups, MVP Blog, and Events.

launch the rocketOverall, it’s a useful app that gives admins the ability to maintain users from their mobile devices. Having the capability to easily access Frozen and Locked Out users from one quick screen is huge benefit for a Salesforce admin, especially when dealing with late night user emergencies! At this point the functionality is basic, but valuable, and we look forward to seeing future SalesforceA enhancements.

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