On Tuesday, August 25th, six Cervello consultants attended the Dallas Regional Chamber’s annual “State of Technology” event. The luncheon was overflowing with business leaders from companies representing a diverse set of industries. The keynote speaker was Mark Hurd, Oracle’s CEO, and his message was simple: in today’s business climate, companies need to change and evolve not just to thrive, but to survive.

Mr. Hurd highlighted numerous industry, demographic and workforce trends that are having a transformational influence on both the business and technology environments. Among them were:

  • A later retirement age creating a more multi-generational workforce
  • The arrival of ‘millennial’ employees with changing expectations about their careers
  • An increasing shortage of college graduates
  • Flat corporate technology spending in spite of rapidly increasing consumer technology spending
  • A prevalence of aging on-premises, legacy custom applications
  • Openness to changing investments in large IT staffs and high annual maintenance costs to outsourced cloud solutions

According to Mr. Hurd, we are in the early stages of a massive paradigm shift. Companies no longer own rooms full of servers, and they don’t employ scores of people to maintain them. Data assets are now encrypted and more secure. Since companies don’t have more money to spend on technology, they are going to have to spend it smarter to keep pace in this rapidly changing economy. And finally, companies are accumulating “big data” but are not sure what to do with it.

Mr. Hurd’s points were a strong validation that Cervello is and has been on the right track. These global factors and challenges reinforce Cervello’s key investments and strategy of helping clients “win with data”. Our focus on leading-edge cloud applications and services, such as Amazon Web Services, Birst, Tableau, Informatica, Salesforce, Host Analytics and Oracle Cloud offerings, well position us to help our clients better leverage their workforce, capital and large volumes of data to embrace this new paradigm, to establish a foothold in this next generation of technology, and to gain a competitive advantage.

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Travis Farley
Jerry Watson

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