HAW16_LockupAnother year and another great conference by Host Analytics. From riveting content in the break-out sessions, to exciting and new general sessions, to a rockin’ after party, Host Analytics pulled out all the stops this year. Customers were buzzing about the new features and functionality coming their way in the near future and already visualizing what this meant for them and their organization. For those of you who couldn’t attend, here are the top three takeaways from this year’s Host Analytics World Conference.

1) Spring 2016 Release – With a major release only days away, there are some significant enhancements to be ready for. Most importantly, the new user interface. The new UI is sleek and 60 No of new featuresmodern and is much different than the old outdated version we are so accustomed to. With options like custom branding and different overall themes, Host Analytics has made a giant leap forward in the user experience category. In addition to the new look and feel, there is enhanced integration. Leveraging their long time relationship with Dell Boomi, the duo will introduce a real-time connector between source systems and Host Analytics. As data changes in the source system, Host Analytics will automatically update in real time to display the latest information so users will never experience a lag in data. Other features include upgraded dynamic report functionality, allowing users to retrieve workforce planning data easily on a per employee basis (currently in beta and only available in your Sandbox environment), unified planning templates, 13 period support for Consolidations, and the ability to support multiple sets of books.

2) New partnerships in 2016 – Host Analytics has made some heavy investments in new partnerships starting in 2016 to maintain their competitive edge in the EPM market. First andHA goes social foremost, Qlik. Qlik allows you to build professional looking visualizations and dashboards with a simple drag and drop user interface. As we can all attest to, the visualization platform within Host Analytics left something to be desired. With this newly announced partnership, Host Analytics is closing the gap on analytics and really stepping up and giving their customers the visualizations they’ve been looking for. Next up, Xactly. Xactly gives companies the opportunity to plan, manage and control, sales compensation programs. This new partnership gives Host Analytics an additional advantage in the planning cycle to allow sales the extra functionality that they need to effectively strategize their compensation programs. Finally comes Socialcast. The new collaboration tool embedded in the platform so users can quickly and easily communicate across different organizations and better align operations.

3) Product Roadmap – Some features and functionality that are in store for the future of Host Analytics include a bi-directional API for Google, giving users the ability to export information out of Host Analytics into Google Drive, edit the information, and push it back to the core application. There are also quite a few features revolving around Modeling such as breakback functionality, an API library, and integration with other source systems. For those of us who like to tinker and test, a true Application Lifecycle Management will be implemented, allowing users to make updates in development, test or production environments and be able to push the change between them.

Attendee Bar Chart

With record ARR last year and the largest conference attendance in Host Analytics history, things are looking very bright. Host Analytics is projecting a steady increase in attendance over the next few years making them a company to keep your eye on. Stay tuned for Gartner’s Magic Quadrant 2016 release to see where Host Analytics winds up.

All in all, it was a successful week for Host Analytics. They pulled off another great conference and impressed customers and partners alike with the new features and functionality. Mark your calendars for Host Analytics World 2017, happening in Nashville May 16-18. Hope to see you there!

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Mandy Willette