In August of last year, two of Cervello’s partners, Birst and Host Analytics, announced a unique collaborative partnership that is continuing to take shape. The partnership will allow users of Host Analytics cloud-based Corporate Performance Management (CPM) offering to access Birst’s Business Intelligence (BI) solution. Through the integration, the goal is to “make it possible for finance and account teams and other decision-makers to quickly and easily access the corporate performance-related reporting and analysis they need to make faster, fact-based decisions that can lead to dramatic improvements in business results. ” After the announcement the two organizations got to work making the collaboration a reality. Since then, some early integration has been achieved especially around headcount reporting functionality.

Already, we at Cervello have seen the value of the partnership but there is much more to come! We are especially excited because we see first-hand the power and potential of the two products as we work with them closely each day. While it will certainly take time for a full and robust integration to be achieved, Cervello went through a very brief exercise to outline a few key partnership and program benefits, some of which can be taken advantage of right now! We wanted to share those with you in this blog post.

• A holistic and integrated view of operational and financial data
• Enables the combination of disparate sources of decision-making data
• Promotes graphical and interactive reports & dashboards
• Transforms the Birst BI suite into a self-contained virtual appliance
• Inclusive support of financial, HR, capital, and KPI analytics
• Future releases will support unlimited data sources such as:
_____ o Customer Relationship Management (CRM) application data
_____ o Marketing automation application data
_____ o Professional Services automation application data

Clearly, as the integration tightens, this partnership could prove to be powerful. Stay tuned to the blog for more updates as further Birst-Host Analytics integration functionality is developed and rolled out.

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