It’s that time of year again. Finance professionals are working long hours and late nights to get those year-end financial statements and SEC forms finalized. Executives are looking for reports and it’s just one more item to add to a long list of to-do’s. Reports need to be run, charts created, excel files formatted and text updated, before manually adding all of these components to a board ready PowerPoint presentation.

Sound familiar? Well if you’re a Host Analytics customer, now is the time to get started with FPP. Financial Package Publisher (also known as FPP) is included with your Host Analytics reporting package and can help bring content within Host Analytics together as well as external documents to save you time and aggravation. No more broken links to correct within massive excel files or navigating through multiple folders to find the content you need.

You can organize your report packages by storing all of your content in one centralized location and standardizing your report packages with a clean and repeatable process. Even the little things, such as changing the text within PowerPoint can become cumbersome. With FPP, you can leverage substitution variables to return both segment members and financial data, further reducing manual intervention.

Imagine having your executive report package generated with the click of a button. Taking the time now to set up your Financial Package Publisher will be essential when it’s crunch time and you need to produce a board-ready report quickly and accurately.

Cervello recently held a Webinar on the topic of Financial Package Publisher. To listen to the recording, please visit:

If you have any questions about setting up your own FPP, please feel free to email me at [email protected]

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Author: Mandy Willette

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