We live in a connected world. Similar to the Internet of Things which has brought Big Data into the smallest corners of today’s businesses, cloud modeling and planning solutions are unifying data, promoting connectivity, and delivering insights like never before. These tools are not only affording opportunities for greater collaboration among sales, operations and finance teams, but they are fostering data-driven decision making at every turn of the business.

At Cervello, our mission is to help companies win with data. We believe that data must be connected across the enterprise for improved collaboration and decision making. Cervello is at the forefront of this connected data movement. We recognize the power in connecting data using technology and we fully embrace cloud computing to drive innovations in performance management so that our clients can move faster and be more agile.

Today, bridging the divide between finance and sales planning is a business imperative. Progressive finance professionals are increasingly recognizing the value in social planning to empower business users to create financial and operational models that tie together financial plans and forecasts for improved collaboration and planning. This enables them to drive business performance through data-backed insight and use data to be a more effective, trusted advisor to the business. Additionally, the value of this holistic planning is gaining popularity among the savviest of sales leaders who are using it in the areas of territory and quota planning and forecasting for greater sales team efficiency and improved revenue acceleration.

Traditional performance management solutions are very finance-centric, but advancements in cloud modeling and planning solutions are breaking down conventional silos and providing a collaborative environment for agile, real-time and accurate business planning.

In our view, connecting data for collaborative modeling and planning across the enterprise is not just best practice – it’s a distinct competitive market advantage. As such, Cervello continually looks for opportunities to grow its business with new tools and services that align to our mission as well as meet our clients evolving needs. We are committed to deepening our existing partnerships with best of breed providers such as Oracle, Host Analytics and Salesforce, in addition to welcoming Anaplan, a planning cloud provider for Sales, Operations, Finance, and HR, and Informatica, a leading independent provider of data integration software to our growing partner ecosystem.

If you’re a model finance or sales professional with a story to tell about how your organization has closed the gap between finance and sales for improved business planning or if you want to better connect data and collaborate across your company, but aren’t sure how to get started, we’d like to hear from you. Leave your comments below.

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