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As a Dreamforce ’13 participant, I attended the “Distribute and License Your App for Commercial Success” session, designed to help Independent Software Vendors (ISV) partners better understand how they can get their apps (or the apps of their clients) on the Salesforce AppExchange and make a sale.  Some interesting statistics shared about the Salesforce AppExchange is that it has hit the 2 million mark in terms of number of installs.  Much like the Apple App Store for iOS devices, AppExchange provides a marketplace to distribute enterprise applications to Salesforce customers.

One of the interesting aspects of the Salesforce AppExchange platform is the distribution tools that Salesforce provides to its ISV partners.  This includes the ability to package and manage products versions and to allow potential customers to test drive your application before making a purchase.  Salesforce also provides access to all of the development organizations required for development and testing across the different licensed versions of Salesforce.  The critical point is that you can integrate your application listing activity with your own Salesforce organization to capture leads and drive sales.

The coolest part of the session was the Trialforce capability that helps ISVs create industry, vertical or regional demos of their product.  One of the key messages I heard on day one of Dreamforce ‘13 is the push to support the continued growth of the AppExchange with vertical applications being the next focus.  Trialforce provides the infrastructure for ISV partners to easily create specialized versions of their software targeted at specific leads and customers based on industry, vertical or regional location.  This is particularly critical when a non-admin of Salesforce is interested in your application. There is no need for them to install the application in their own Production or Sandbox environment.  Trialforce allows anyone to easily create a demo (with data) of your application that they can test drive!



Check Cervello out on the AppExchange: https://bit.ly/18lABIy 




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