Hierarchy_250x250Do you relish the days when your Salesforce Org wasn’t so complex? Before your company went global? Before your sales team got so large? Before “account hierarchy” existed in your vernacular? How about when obtaining a true 360 degree view of your customer was much simpler?

A lot of Salesforce customers today are in pursuit of achieving the elusive goal of a 360 degree view of their customers and for good reason. The benefits of a 360 degree customer view are vast and include: increased upsell and cross-sell opportunity identification, discovery of your most valuable customers, improved visibility for sales, more accurate reporting and improved marketing targeting, to name a few.

At Cervello, we see a great deal of interest on this topic among our clients and have developed capabilities to make the elusive 360 degree customer view a reality.sfdc account hierarchy png

We recently presented a Webinar, Conquering Complex Salesforce Account Hierarchies where we discussed how you can get a global view of a customer (Account) by having visibility to related Account information such as opportunities, contacts and activities. This Webinar illustrates how to create a global view of a complex account hierarchy using Apex, something difficult to achieve with out of the box hierarchies where the account structure is set up with a parent account and many subsidiaries.


Watch the Webinar now.

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Cara Scafati

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