I recently had the opportunity to speak at the NYC Salesforce User Group on the topic of Salesforce Chatter.  One of the key discussion points  was the concept of identifying the proper use cases (such as the below) to address opportunities to increase collaboration using Chatter.

As part of the discussion, attendees responded to a series of survey questions related to collaboration around the sales function and several of these use cases.  I wanted to share some of the key insights and how collaboration challenges can be easily addressed by making your sales process more social through Chatter.

Salesforce Chatter

collaborative selling

Overwhelmingly, the survey revealed a large opportunity to leverage Chatter Groups during sales pursuits with only (25%) of respondents indicating that a highly collaborative and open process exists at their company.  A good example of cross functional collaboration might be a sales rep asking a product related question and a product management expert  providing support.  Ultimately making these groups publicly visible should allow other product experts to participate in the conversation.

share documents

The survey findings also support another opportunity for Chatter usage during the selling process. Approximately 68% of respondents indicated they are using either network drives or internal document systems to share documents in a selling process.  With Chatter, relevant documents such as pitch decks, case studies and sales templates can be posted and shared along with relevant commentary – all in real time. And Chatter also provides the additional benefit of  file version tracking. With Chatter, you get answers fast!

track visibility

When it comes to tracking visibility and updates on sales pursuits, 70% of respondents reported inefficient and time intensive processes such as sales meetings, distributed reports and email as a method of collaboration. Only 4% of respondents indicated their companies utilize Chatter to provide updates and track visibility during sales pursuits which once again highlights an opportunity for more companies to use Chatter during the selling process.  Chatter can help improve the effectiveness of sales teams by providing real-time deal updates. And by following accounts and opportunities, updates can be pushed in real time on any device.  Furthermore, when an opportunity closes Chatter gives you the ability to recognize the sales team publicly.

regulated industry

While Chatter affords many opportunities for enhanced collaboration, considerations for those operating in regulated industries must be made. The survey findings revealed that 43% of respondents operate in a regulated industry.  This requires consideration for archiving as well as ensuring items are easily searchable and findable. This means Chatter implementation teams must work closely with internal risk and compliance management teams to make sure Chatter is deployed in a way that meets internal compliance requirements.  Even with additional compliance requirements, regulated organizations can still realize the same amount of value as non-regulated industries if Chatter is successfully implemented.

Aside from the individual analysis of the questions, there is some correlation between responses:

Regulated Industry (57%) and Sharing During Sales Process (71%)

  • There is a potential connection between regulated organizations and the amount of information that can be shared related to pursuits and clients.

Regulated Industry (57%) and Not Using Cloud Tools for Sharing Docs (69%)

  •  Another interesting correlation is the type of information (in this case documentation) that is distributed and shared in a regulated organization.  This points to a possible hesitation among some companies to use cloud platforms to store and share client related documents such as contracts.

These are just two examples but there are other correlations in the data and responses.

Lastly, at the user group event, we offered an opportunity for participants to join Cervello in a Salesforce Chatter Diagnostic evaluation.  During this one day engagement, Cervello will analyze your current Chatter usage and recommend opportunities to help your organization realize the true value of Chatter! Or if you are thinking about implementing Chatter, our Chatter Diagnostic can help you chart a course for a successful roll-out! Just send us an email at [email protected]  and we can get started.

pete grahamPOSTED BY: Pete Graham


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