As part of our ongoing education and certification program, Cervello’s Birst Center of Excellence recently hosted a Birst training. The goal was to further educate (and certify) a large group of our consultants within our Analytics and Information Management Practice (AIM) utilizing the Birst Education program. The course included 3.5 days of intense Birst training and concluded with the Birst certification exam. We were privileged to have Birst’s Director of Education, Randy King, as our instructor. Randy shared his knowledge, insights and humor (plenty of it) with us. Thanks Randy!

Cervello has a long-time relationship with Birst as one of their first implementation partners. Partnered since early 2009, we have lots of successful implementations under our belt across a variety of industries and countries. And we continue to implement, support, enhance and innovate on the Birst platform. As both of our companies have grown, the relationship has followed suit, and I think it’s safe to say our futures look bright!

The Birst certification training was held at our Boston office with representation across all of our office locations – Dallas, New York, London and Boston. A total of 14 consultants were in attendance. These trainees were a diverse group of individuals with a great deal of business intelligence and analytics experience which really made the training a success for all who attended.

During the training, we covered the breadth of the Birst product in depth. Topics ranged from data loading to data modeling and report creation to dashboard building. The Admin module was covered in depth to provide an understanding of the importance of setting a proper foundational data model and infrastructure to drive a scalable, logical and easy to use reporting data structure. We learned that hierarchies, fact tables, slowly changing dimensions, data loading policies, custom attributes and measures all contribute to this infrastructure. On the reporting side, the modern Visualizer and Dashboards 2.0 modules were poked and prodded to create some great looking and user friendly data visualizations that would make storytelling with data much easier and more appealing. The training course really provided an end-to-end view of the many powerful capabilities of Birst.

After the rigorous training session trainees dove into the Birst certification exam. Leveraging their client experiences with Birst, their self-study and in-depth training, 14 consultants went in to the deep end, and all came out successfully certified. This was only the second class in Birst’s history of training where every single person passed the certification exam on the first try! The number of Birst certified consultants at Cervello now stands at over 30 implementation consultants – making us the largest certified implementation partner organization in the world!

So what’s next at Cervello? We will continue to implement analytical solutions across the many industries (i.e. consumer packaged goods, financial services, healthcare, manufacturing, retail, energy and hospitality) we serve using a number of Birst architecture configurations. Such interesting configurations that have taken shape as part of the solutions we’ve implemented include the use of an SAP HANA / Amazon Redshift hybrid, Birst appliance using data federation, and Birst cloud architectures.

If you are interested in Birst or need help implementing or evolving your solution, why not talk to the experts? Our certifications speak for themselves!

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