AngelaCares This holiday season members of Cervello’s New York office set out to complete a meaningful volunteer opportunity. Our focus was to give back to the community during this busy time of year.

We chose an organization called AngelaCARES which we found through JerseyCares. AngelaCARES is a small non-profit that puts together a few key events per year in order to serve the senior community. Their values, posted prominently on the AngelaCARES homepage, are very similar to Cervello’s values so teaming up with this organization was a no brainer. AngelaCARES centers their efforts on teamwork, respect, accountability and innovation, all ideals that Cervello employees strive for every day.


The event we participated in was a meal-bagging campaign in which 500 meals were assembled and bagged for local seniors.  There were volunteers as young as 5 running packed dinners as well as volunteers of all ages working together to make sure that meals were delivered on time.  It was wonderful to see the community volunteer and work together so that seniors could enjoy not only a meal, but a friendly visit from a volunteer.

Cervello ConnectsFor more information about AngelaCARES, please visit their website:

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One comment on “Cervello Connects Gives Back this Holiday Season

  1. Hello Team Cervello,

    Thank you so much for choosing to give back to make a difference this holiday season with AngelaCARES! It was a pleasure having you with us this Thanksgiving. I want to extend a big hug and thanks for giving back and helping us make a difference! Happy Holidays!