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In the last post I shared my thoughts on how some of the principles advanced by the lean startup movement can be applied to an analytics & planning program. In today’s post, I would like to take this train of […] read more

We are going to wrap up this blog series by discussing the importance of human capital. As with any initiative in your organization, it doesn’t matter how great your process is, or how expansive your technology infrastructure is, you must have the right people and skill set to successfully achieve your goals.

#4 – Identify and commit adequate resources to get started and run your planning processes

If you have noticed, there has been an underlying theme running through this series of blog posts, and that is one of choices. You can choose the questions you should be asking of your team and those you support, ones that are most relevant to you. You can choose what reports you want to spotlight, what business units to support and which business drivers are most relevant. Today we’ll address the technology options out there, so you can choose which makes the most sense for your organization and how it can be leveraged to support your goals.