ExamReady to embark on a Salesforce project? Whether you are implementing, updating or tweaking your current system there are some good reasons  to consider hiring a Salesforce consultant. Here are some points to consider for using a third-party in your Salesforce efforts.

Acumen – Certified consultants (like a bunch of us here at Cervello) must stay abreast of release changes (occurring 3 times a year) in order to maintain the certification.. In turn, they can pass that knowledge on to you.

Promptness – Hiring an consultant means a quicker Salesforce implementation. Instead of wasting months (or years…GASP!) of internal hours, a consultant can remotely service your environment and perform maintenance on your behalf. This allows you to take full advantage of all Salesforce has to offer instantly (well, almost instantly).

Rapid Response – What is a consultant’s main goal? Making their client happy! For this reason, response times are fast. IT departments are often smaller than they should be and are completely overstretched with projects and problems. A Salesforce consultant is dedicated to solving your problems and solving them fast.

Impartiality – Consultants, because they are third-party in nature, are able to see the whole picture without bias. The ability to look past all of the nitty gritty details and any company politics may allow for more streamlined implementations and faster updates.

Means – A Certified administrator is the most important role in making your CRM implementation a success. Becoming certified is a lot of work. If your business does not have the time and manpower to get certified then using a consultant is a smart means to an end.

Expertise – Administrators have the overview understanding of the breadth of applications, the feature and functions available to an end user, and the configuration and management options available to an administrator.  Using a consultant to do this work will divest your IT department of many challenges that may arise while implementing and using

When deciding whether to hire a consultant or burden your  overtaxed team with a Saleforce project, just remember APRIME (Acumen, Promptness, Response, Impartiality, Means and Expertise).  Salesforce is a complex powerful CRM tool with settings that can have organization-wide permanent structural implications.  An experienced consultant can help you navigate on the right path for your organization and ensure proper use of Salesforce.

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