We left off our discussion on the top 5 Reasons to Plan in the Cloud – Part 1, with our heads, well, in the – clouds!  There’s no question that there are significant accessibility benefits to be gained with Cloud EPM solutions, but another important reason to consider planning in the cloud is reduced reliance on your IT department.  This is an opportunity to truly empower your finance users by giving them the ability to make updates to the metadata they rely on to do their jobs.  They can also create or update their own reports.  Yes, you can do this with standard on-premise solutions as well, but Cloud EPM eliminates the need to send a ticket for a change or request to IT for something as simple as an update to an application or a report. Cloud EPM applications are finance-friendly and with the right training and security, finance users will be able to increase their efficiency by making their own updates without having to wait for IT.

Another benefit that Finance and IT will appreciate is that with fewer, if any, in-house servers, you won’t have to deal with server access issues or IT provisioning. The mere reduction of servers and support opens up opportunities for your IT department to maximize efficiency in other areas of your business and focus on more strategic initiatives.  Cloud EPM services offer 100% uptime with fully hosted applications and will even automatically deploy patches to the servers that host their applications.  Gone are the days of spending hours on support and scheduling user downtime to make sure the applications stay up-to-date.   All of the newest features will simply be rolled out as they become available, which makes it impossible to fall behind!

Stayed tuned for the next installment on the Top 5 Reasons to Plan in the Cloud – Reduced Costs!  I love money!  This just keeps getting better!

POSTED BY: Barisa Johnson

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