When signing into Salesforce1 the first out-of-the-box feature a user will see in the top left list is called Recent. This is a dynamic list of the most recent objects visited by the user. However, if a user hasn’t signed into Salesforce1 the default for the dynamic list will adapt as the user navigates through Salesforce. As an admin, if you decide to remove Recent in Mobile Navigation users won’t have access to any object visited. Only what you customize through Flexible pages or custom visual force pages will be available. Then again, you may want Recent but the flexibility to hide some or many objects from Salesforce1. This is where some customization comes in. It all depends on the experience needed for users. Let me give you a few basic tips on customizing Recent for users.

“How do I move Recent on the Display?”

To customize the mobile navigation display, go to: Setup| Mobile Administration| Mobile Navigation. Recent is listed in the “Smart Search Items” under Setup| Mobile Administration| Mobile Navigation.

Move Smart Search Items to the “Selected” box if it isn’t already there.

TIP: Custom or out-of-the-box tabs will appear before or after “Smart Search Items” depending on where you save in the order. To change the order, move the Smart Search Items up or down and click save.

Recent adds all available objects to Salesforce1. The first objects shown are the recently searched objects. To see other objects navigated to, the user can click ‘Show More.’

“How can we make certain objects show on top of Recent?”

TIP: You can pin objects in a specific order in Recent activity if your organization has global search enabled. This can be done at the individual user level.

Users can customize the Recent item order by pinning more frequently sought items to the top of the list and unpinning less important items. Unpinned items will show in the list when you select Show More and scroll down. Keep in mind that users can’t pin what isn’t in the global search items list. So, if you are looking to pin Dashboards or custom application tabs you are out of luck. However, as long as the Default is “on” for the tab settings in profile you should be able to see these objects when you click “Show More” under the pinned items in Recent.

“What else can I do? I don’t want certain users to see all these other objects. My field reps need to see contacts, accounts and orders. I only want them to see certain related lists and fields too. Can I do this with Recent Activities?”

Yes, you can!

TIP: Create a custom profile for a group of mobile users. If this group only needs these 3 objects then create a profile and customize the tabs that should be hidden. You can customize fields and lists through creating a profile too.

Order related lists in Salesforce and they will be reflected in Salesforce1. Remove related lists and fields that are not needed to optimize the mobile experience.

As long as your organization is fine with users viewing the same tabs, related lists and fields in Salesforce or Salesforce1 then this solution works!

Good luck customizing Recent in Salesforce1! If you have any questions about this process, please feel free to email me at [email protected]

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