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In recent years the city of Cambridge has been a hub for startups, especially technology startups. As a startup ourselves, Cervello-ians love to follow newbies in the industry. Game changing technologies are transforming the way we operated and venture capitalists have taken notice and are now eagerly backing big data startups. Big Data startups in particular are getting a warm welcome.

Here are 3 Cambridge big data startups that we at Cervello think are going to make a big impact in the technology space.

Hadapt | Founded: 2011 | Cambridge, MA

With Hadapt’s flagship technology, Adaptive Analytical Platform, customers can analyze structures, unstructured and multi-structured data in a single platform with no connectors, complexities or rigid structures. The platform integrates a native implementation of SQL with Apache Hadoop. Together, these traditionally segregated technologies allow for interactive SQL-based analysis of massive data sets while simultaneously enabling existing business intelligence workflows to take advantage of the big data.

For more information on Hadapt, check out their one-page product overview.


Sqrrl | Founded: 2012 | Cambridge, MA

Sqrrl’s product, Sqrrl Enterprise, offers a highly scalable and secure big data platform for building real-time analytical applications. The product is powered by Apache Accumulo. Sqrrl targets CTOs and CIOs to help unlock hidden value in fractured and unstructured data sets, developers who more easily want to create apps on top of big data and data analysts wanting to dig deeper into their data using advanced analytical techniques, among others. Sqrrl Enterprise simplifies big data application development while bringing together previously segregated data sets all while remaining completely secure.

Click to read more about how Sqrrl Enterprise powers secure, real-time applications.


Data Tamer | Founded: 2012 | Cambridge, MA

What more can we say about Data Tamer that is not on their website? Not too much more. Data Tamer is currently operating in stealth-mode with a bare bones online presence. Their Facebook and LinkedIn pages give little information about this data integration software company. What we do know is that the Data Tamer technology will enable organizations to broadly integrate and curate data sources, both existing and future, efficiently at scale. Founded by Dr Michael Stonebraker and startup junkie Andy Palmer, Data Tamer is worth keeping tabs on.

We look forward to seeing where this currently hush-hush company goes in the future!


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