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By Hayley Rutherford

Global Marketing Manager

2018 makes for Cervello’s second sponsorship of Anaplan’s user conference Hub, taking place this week in Las Vegas, March 5 to March 7. As a silver sponsor we are given the opportunity to have a speaking session with a joint Anaplan client. Our success at Fresenius Medical Care – North America (FMC) made them an obvious choice for our presentation – two years running! As an $18 billion company, it is focused on growth in major divisions and needed to improve its financial planning processes to gain efficiencies and provide more accurate forecasting looking forward. Blake Graves, Senior Director of Corporate, and Ash Goulatia, Senior VP Revenue Cycle and Strategic Business Initiatives, will discuss their implementation results and achievements from the last 12-16 months. Additionally, they intend to share their team’s journey and a little about their roadmap which takes them beyond financial planning. Keith Harrington, Director at Cervello, will provide supporting context around the FMC program, core team make-up and lessons learned. Don’t miss this session, Business Planning Transformation at Fresenius Medical Care, on Wednesday, March 7th from 4:25-5:00pm.
To provide a brief history of our Anaplan partnership, we added Anaplan to our list of technology partners as part of our Enterprise Performance Solutions practice in May of 2015. Leveraging our extensive planning, modeling and Salesforce experience we help bridge the gap between finance and sales enabling these teams to plan more accurately and collaboratively. Our services for Anaplan include: solution design, implementation and integration. We also launched our Project Estimation and Tracking for Service Projects application on their AppHub in May 2016.

If you are attending Anaplan Hub this year and would like to meet to discuss how our expertise could benefit your organization, please reach out to David Wheeler. Don’t forget to visit the Cervello team at our booth in the Expo Hall for your chance to win a donation to the charity of your choice!

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By Hayley Rutherford

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