Meet Our Team


 Focus on creating a strong culture built on core values and we will attract amazing people who will make our clients and partners exceedingly happy.

Culture > People > Results.  Rinse and Repeat.

Jason Davis
Backpacking, Baseball, Firewood
Archana Balachandran
Travel, Gaming, Indian Classical Music
Rakshatha Nagendra
Versatile, Homebody, Bingewatcher
Sriram Sankaranarayanan
On call, SOP guy, Process Man
Hayley Rutherford
Food, Traveling, Harry Potter
Kerry Veitch
Creative, Loyal, Optimistic
Taza Vercruysse
Music, Food, New England Sports
Glen Trudeau
Backpacking, Running, Ultimate Frisbee
Azeem Arif
Video Games, Motorcyclist, Family
Luiza Faustman
Family, Fitness, Cooking
VP, Salesforce Practice
Pete Graham
Golf, Boston Sports, Candy Crush
Jennifer Floyd
Dramatic Music, Star Wars, My Kids
Brandon Garcia
Making Music, Video Games, and Friends
Christopher Adams
Outdoors, Reading, Music
Vice President, Performance Management
David Wheeler
Family, Jimmy Fund, Guitar
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Our Values & Culture Matter

Our values guide the make-up of the firm, the actions of all employees, and how we deliver to our clients. We measure adherence to these values in delivering to our clients. Our values are the bedrock of our culture of creativity and self-discipline, or put another way, freedom and responsibility.

focused on delivering tangible business results to clients and partners
What this means to you.
Meaningful solutions that help your company, team, and career.
driven and operate with a sense of urgency
What this means to you.
People that care about your success and their own success.
a highly collaborative team
What this means to you.
Process that drives business and technology stakeholders together to Win with Data.
innovative in our approach and think creatively about how to deliver value
What this means to you.
All ideas are welcome - we’re about overcoming data challenges and Winning with Data.
highly connected and experts at developing and nurturing long term relationships
What this means to you.
We like each other, our clients, and our partners. Join the team!
open and honest in all communications
What this means to you.
Transparency in what we do and why we do it.

We Love it Here!

Maybe it’s the cool technologies we work with. Maybe it’s because we work with such great clients. I guess it could be the interesting problems we solve. Sure our headquarters has a sweet waterfront locale. And we do have great benefits after all. Or maybe it’s the free snacks and fridge full of beer…Nah. It’s the people!

“With great leadership and direction from the co-founders, we're able to support and enhance a diverse culture and working environment and that's why I love working at Cervello.” - Ben Hoffman

“Why do I love working at Cervello? It’s all about the people. They’re happy, optimistic, sincere, sarcastic, driven, funny and most of them are a little geeky.” - Jennifer Floyd

“What I love about working at Cervello is the freedom to be creative.” Hayley Rutherford


Want to build something great?  Love data and solving hard problems?  Want to be part of the best team?  We are always looking for amazing people to join us.

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